SenSe Seminar: Designing Secure Business Processes from Organisational Goal Models (13-12-2016)

A talk by Nikos ArgyropoulosSecure and Dependable Software Systems Research Cluster, University of Brighton


Security is a critical aspect of the business processes utilised by organisations to produce value. To avoid the harmful impact of security shortcomings, organisations should take it into consideration during the early process design stages and align it with their overall strategy. Flexibility and adaptability of the produced process designs are also desired, as a result of the volatile environment in which business process operate. To cover such needs we propose a framework for the derivation of secure business process designs by creating hybrid reference models from which process models can be instantiated. Such hybrid models are generated from high level goal models to ensure strategic alignment and provide linkage between the organisational strategy and the operational level. They can then be instantiated to a number of different process designs, which fi t specifi c situational security needs.

The presentation can be accessed here.

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